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List of institutions and campaigns to support Italy with their fight against COVID–19.

Map of Italy with regions

(Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Piemonte, Marche are the most affected regions so far, March 17th, 2020)

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I am doing my best to keep the list updated. If you know more official campaign fund, please contact me.
(Or, for more tech savvy people, make a pull request.)

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Why I created this site?

Because I would like to help. My girlfriend is Italian. Shortly after we met Italy became my second home. Most of my friends live there and it’s a struggle to see the situation that the country is facing. In the Czech Republic, my home country, many talented and smart people are working hard to help and make a difference. That’s why I decided to create this website, it’s the least I can do to repay for what Italy did for me.